A free curriculum worksheet is available with each book. This is a great tool for parents and teachers alike to build vocabulary and comprehension skills. Also, prompts are given to initiate writing practice.

“Olympia Adventures” is the third book of our Northwest series.  This important story follows young students as they participate in the Senate Page program set in the exciting capitol of Olympia, Washington.  Not only will you journey through this amazing city, but you will learn about how a balanced government works.  The characters hear from Governor Jay Inslee, Senator Patty Murray and Senator Hans Zeiger about the importance of “compromise”.  A curriculum page is in the back of the book as an educational tool for parents and teachers and can be downloaded as well.

Follow along as Miss Gookin’s class discovers the amazing city of Puyallup.  Her students have the fun task of solving clues that lead them to the special locations spread throughout this welcoming community.  Learn about the rich history of early pioneers to our present day delights.  Visit parks, restaurants and even the Washington State Fairgrounds.  Hurry, don’t be late!

“Tacoma Adventures” is the fourth book of the Glen Creations City Adventure series. However, it is the first of their Northwest edition. The main character, Stuart, is a reluctant raccoon who is asked to write a report on Tacoma as part of his unit on Washington State. He is bummed because Tacoma is his home and thereby deemed “Boring”. The reader is invited to follow Stuart and his grandpa as they spend the weekend traveling throughout the city to get reacquainted with all the amazing attractions this city has to offer. Come along and learn the history and the positive energy that is at the core of this great city. Enjoy!

A smart, sweet lamb named Evie Jo has earned her way into Math camp hosted in the city of Carlsbad. Follow her and her friends as they move through the city finding, first hand, how math is used in everyday life. Learn how math is used at the beach, the library and even with music. In the process of their quest the beauty and history of Carlsbad is revealed. The themes of acceptance and inclusion are also woven throughout this story. Come join the fun.

Celebrate the city of Encinitas with a fresh, fun perspective. Alien pigs from the planet Biff crash land their spacecraft into beautiful Moonlight beach. Luckily, they pair up with surfer goat cousins that give them a tour of all that is Encinitas. Learn the history and visit the main attractions as you travel along with them through this magical city.

Colton the bunny has just moved to Oceanside. Initially he is lost and lonely. Everything in this new community feels foreign to him. It isn’t long before he is befriended by a cast of characters that show him the beauty of Oceanside. Come along for the ride as Colton and his friends visit museums, parks and historic landmarks. Along the way there are lessons about diversity, inclusion and friendship. After reading this book, you too can seek out your own adventure in Oceanside!

Norman, a lonely sasquatch, asks a group of students to spend their spring break giving him a tour of Seattle.  Loin the fun as they visit every district in the city.  Interesting, well known, characters will make a surprise appearance in the story.  Take in the sights, done by Julia Glen’s beautiful watercolors, and learn the rich history of this amazing city.

Spokane Adventures Curriculum   

“Spokane Adventures” is the fifth book of our NW series. For the first time we travel east of the mountains to explore the historical city of Spokane.  Evan, a reluctant koala, is asked to give a tour of the city to a new skunk in town.  A group of Evan’s school friends join in the excitement as they visit parks, museums and even find fun places to eat.  Along with a lesson on the history of this great city, a message of acceptance and inclusion is realized by all.  Enjoy!

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